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The new, EcoDry Desiccant Dehumidifier breaks the glass ceiling of the current generation of dehumidification technology with its innovative BRYSMART EMS (Energy Management System).

"Enviroliner", as it is popularly known, is the ideal solution to Humidity related storage problems. It is a humidity controlled mobile housing for safe storage of small equipment like engines, gear boxes, small arms, ammunition, optics, ration, documents, unEnviroliners are customised modular PVC store house which can convert any space in whole or in part into cost effective humidity controlled storage area. There are no special infrastructural needs except for a "floor and a "ceiling". Equipment and material stored in Enviroliners are protected against damaging effects of moisture - rust, mold & fungus. iform, etc, prevents corrosion.

Enviroliners are custom made using flexible special grade thermo plastic barrier material to 'build' the walls on a framework and 'zipped' closed. A small, desiccant dehumidifier controls the relative humidity to the required level - 35% to 50% RH - to ensure humidity controlled conditions needed for safe storage.

Installation Options

  • Ceiling suspended
  • Free standing on framework
  • Around existing storage racks
  • Panels or walls can be of transparent or translucent material to take advantage of existing lighting.
  • Provision for lighting internal area.
  • Doors can be fitted to suit individual need e.g. personnel access, fork lift access etc.




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