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Flexible Barrier Storage Systems



Largest capacity range in Compacts - from 170 cmh to 2000 cmh (100 cfm to 1177 cfm). The Bry-Air FFB Series, 170 cmh through 2000 cmh (100 cfm to 1177 cfm) desiccant dehumidifier line is designed to integrate "small footprint and finish" of a commercial unit with "the ruggedness" of an industrial dehumidifier.


Flexible Barrier Storage (FBS) Systems are employed and adopted by the Army, Navy and Air force all over the world for preservation of hardware equipment and storage of active-status material.

The Flexible Barrier, or the Flexible Storage (FBS) Systems consist of a reusable cover, which is resistant to moisture, oil, bacteria, insects, rodents, etc., a humidity sensing device and a chemical / desiccant dehumidifier.

This system of preservation is very versatile, more practical and technically superior to any other system of preservation in the world. It assures flexibility and mobility in choice of storage sites and eliminates the need for storage sheds; reduces manpower costs and is easy to maintain even by unskilled personnel.

The high degree of preservation achieved through the dehumidification system enables rapid reactivation of the defence equipment. Being mobile, it can move with the troops and can be installed on site whenever required, on any terrain.

The FBS system protects military equipment from corrosion as well as from the effects of humidity, salt, pollutants, dust and insects. It also protects equipment from effects of ultra-violet rays of the sun on metal, rubber, paint, canvas, etc. Damages caused by micro-organisms such as fungi and molds is avoided.

Environmental protection also increases MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of the equipment - whatever its size and sophistication - from the smallest piece of electronics to modern computer-guided bomber aircrafts and armored fighting vehicles (AFVs), from batteries to radars and missiles.

Shrouding of aircraft, helicopters and missiles using the FBS protects them from the damaging effects of moisture, dust and ultra-violet rays.



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