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Honeycomb Resin Dryers BHD Series




The generation next Bry Wheel rotor works on the principle of the Honeycomb technology which results in 25% more energy savings, 100% reliability and zero downtime. This ensures a much better control over dewpoint and temperature. This rotor is specially crafted for a very low dewpoint upto (-) 65°C. Other than this the rotor combines the advantages of maximum surface area for drying, higher efficiency, light weight, amazing structural strength, lower drying cost with unlimited options for stand alone, single station operation as well as multi station centralized installation.

How does it work ?

The new Bry-Air Resin Dryer with BryWheel is simple and easy to operate and maintain. The Bry-Air Resin Dryer with BryWheel ensures you have a much better control over dewpoint and temperature. Bry-Air Resin Dryers incorporate the BryWheel desiccant rotor specially crafted for very low dewpoint upto (-) 65°C. Moisture laden air enters the unit through the process inlet and passes through the BryWheel where the moisture is adsorbed.

The moisture is, thus, removed through a process of continuous physical adsorption. The dry, dehumidified air is then delivered to the conditioned area through the process outlet.

The rotating desiccant wheel/ rotor moves into the reactivation segment well before “saturation” where the moisture is driven off by the hot air blown through the reactivation segment of the rotor.

The continuously revolving rotor at a slow speed provides extremely stable temperature and dewpoint control. The rotor technology minimises energy consumption by reducing structural mass, leading to less energy wasted.

  • More energy savings, reduced energy costs
  • The desiccant rotor takes lesser time to regenerate; ie it heats and cools comparatively in a lesser time than alternate drying technologies thus saving energy.
  • The rotor has fewer moving parts and thus less prone to breakdowns and hence lower downtime.

Bry Smart (DDC) Controlled

  • Digital display of status, faults, warnings and temperatures.
  • Dual thermostat protection for high process and reactivation temperature.
  • Cool down thermostat to prevent temperature buildup and safe shut down.
  • Suitable for continuous operation.
  • Bed failure detection to provide extra safety for rotor, drive motor and react heater.

Key features

  • Castor wheel mounted cabinet for easy movement.
  • Versatile, easy to package and handle
  • Small footprints; low volume/weight per CMH


Honeycomb Resin Dryer – BHD-30 ~ BHD-750



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