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Adsorption Chiller



Introducing the Adsorption Chiller, based on an innovative green technology, and the first of its kind in India. A lot of low grade process heat (50°C – 100°C) generally goes waste because of the technology gap to utilize it effectively. Bry-Air has launched a futuristic product, using advanced green technology, which can now use this low grade waste heat for cooling without any environmental damage. It is a first ever product being launched in India to tap the abundant low grade waste heat available in process industries and use it for process cooling or air-conditioning (HVAC). This eco-friendly solution cuts down CO2 emission and reduces energy expenses.

The Bry-Air Adsorption Chiller is based on an advanced green technology using inert Silica Gel (adsorbent) and Water (refrigerant) pair. It has unbeatable advantages like ultra-low electricity consumption, negligible noise and vibration, life expectancy of more than 20 years, negligible maintenance, etc. It is ideal for process industries like Power Plants, Food & Beverages, Chemical manufacturers, etc. and for Commercial areas like Offices, Buildings, Hotels, Malls, etc.

Range: 35 kW to 1180 kW (10 to 335 TR)

Adsorption Chiller Advantages

  • Unbeatable Advantages
  • Long product life (>25 yrs.)
  • Low maintenance
  • Regeneration temperature as low as 50ºC
  • ‘Green’ refrigerant (water)
  • Low electric consumption (one-tenth the conventional system)
  • No noise and vibration

Additional Advantages

  • Start-up time 5 to 7 minutes compared to 15 minutes for Absorption
  • Chilled water output 5°C-10°C (40°- 55°F)
  • No crystallization, corrosion, hazardous leaks, or chemical disposal issues
  • No vibration or noise. Simple and continuous operations
  • COP of 0.55 (Coefficient of Performance)
  • Versatile operation – Can be used for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications

Why Adsorption is a Better Choice ?

Adsorption versus Absorption Comparison

Factors Adsorption Chillers Absorption Chillers
Life Expectancy Greater than 25 Years 7 to 9 Years
Maintenance Negligible Maintenance Require High Maintenance
Regeneration Temperature (Hot Water) Down to 50°C (122°F) Shuts down at 82°C (180°F), Needs Back-up Heater
Desiccant Used Silica Gel (Inert) Lithium Bromide (Highly Corrosive)
Replacement Requirements (Periodic Maintenance) Not Required Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Absorbent Replacement Required

  Adsorption versus Mechanical Chiller Comparison

Attribute Adsorption Chiller Mechanical Chiller
Sound Pressure Level Very low <50 db (A) Loud > 80db (A)
Operating Cost Negligible High
Maintenance Virtually none Seasonal maintenance required. Annual oil analysis Replace oil every 5 years Periodic tear down and rebuild required Replacement of bearings every 15 years
Chemistry Municipal water and special silica gel-S2 HFC and HCFC refrigerant with synthetic oils 2
Energy Requirements Hot water: 50°C to 93°C (122°F to 200°F) Electricity 230/415 - 3Ph - 50Hz 460 - 3Ph - 60Hz 240 - 3Ph - 60Hz
Cooling Water Requirement Preferably < 30°C to 10°C (85°F to 50°F) Lower temperatures increase capacity of the system 30°C to 18°C (85°F to 65°F) minimum temperature - unstable at low temperatures
End-of-life No special disposal requirements Certified technician required to reclaim all refrigerant for release to the atmosphere


Adsorption Chiller Working Principle

How does our Adsorption Chiller Works ?

The principle of Adsorption works with the interaction of gases and solids. With adsorption chilling, the molecular interaction between the solid and the gas allow the gas to be adsorbed into the solid. The Adsorption chamber of the chiller is filled with solid material, silica gel, eliminating the need for moving parts and eliminating the noise associated with those moving parts. The silica gel creates an extremely low humidity condition that causes the water refrigerant to evaporate at a low temperature.
As the water evaporates in the evaporator, it cools the chilled water. The Adsorption Chiller has four chambers; an evaporator, a condenser and two Adsorption chambers. All four chambers are operated at nearly a full vacuum.



The Bry-Air Adsorption Chiller is based on an innovative green technology and is being manufactured in India.


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