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Surface Preparation & Coating



Surface Preparation and Coating (SPC)  includes  dehumidification during coating, painting and fabrication

TDS provides Surface Preparation and Coating services in Refineries, Petrochemical units, Power plants and Fertilizer units. SPC is an engineered solution for temporary control of humidity and temperature. Any surface after blasting and preparation for coating is subjected to environmental factors. Presence of high humidity during blasting, cleaning and coating cycles leads to flash rust and condensation,resulting in coating failures like blistering, de lamination,rust bloom formation etc.

SPC prevents rust bloom formation between blasting and coating, with "Hold the Blast" concept. Our team works in close coordination with the coating contractor & customer to create the ideal ambient conditions.

TDS dehumidification technology provides the following benefits:

  • Coating is possible at any time of the year.
  • Assured quality coatings, adhering to paint manufacture's specifications.
  • Downtime can be accurately programmed.
  • Project time is reduced by approximately 35%.
  • The life of the coat is increased.


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