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Fluted Flat Bed – FFB Series



Largest capacity range in Compacts - from 170 cmh to 3000 cmh (100 cfm to 1766 cfm). The new series Bry-Air FFB, 170 cmh through 3000 cmh (100 cfm to 1766 cfm) desiccant dehumidifier line is designed to integrate "small footprint and finish" of a commercial unit with "the ruggedness" of an industrial dehumidifier.

The BRY-AIR FFB Compact Dehumidifier is CNC fabricated with powder coated finish and incorporates a high performance fluted metal silicate desiccant synthesized rotor which allows for:

  • Reduced Foot Print
  • Increased Performance
  • LowestVolume/Weight per CMH
  • Innumerable mounting options
  • Light weight, and can be installed above the false ceiling eliminating the need for floor space.


The FFB Compact Dehumidifier removes moisture
through a process of continuous "physical adsorption". The moisture is adsorbed in the dehumidification sector by the fluted, desiccant synthesised rotor and is exhausted in the reactivation sector by a stream of hot air in a counter flow.



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