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Mould Temperature Controllers



Designed and engineered to provide precise temperature control, the Bry-Air EcoTemp Mould Temperature Controller BTC series is designed to maintain constant temperature of mould during the moulding process and thereby increasing product efficiency. It also ensures the final glossy finish of the product and reduces product shrinkage, eliminates product weld line and provides product consistency.


  • Advanced microprocessor controller displays operation and fault status.
  • Accurate digital readout of process temperature against set point.
  • Easy to service and maintain: Side panels easily openable.
  • Tubular cooling coil and stainless steel heater.
  • Reliable and high performance pump. All moveable parts in contact with the medium (water) made of stainless steel.
  • Totally safe; dual safety heaters.
  • Can handle processing temperature upto 150oC in oil version and upto 90oC in water version
  • Easy to move: mounted on wheels.


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