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Gas Phase Filtration



The Bry-Air EcoScrub Gas Phase Filtration System is the ideal and cost effective solution to the problems of corrosion and toxic gas control. Its unique process not only cleans the contraminated air of suspended particles and corrosive gases but also eliminates odour, making the working environment healthy for you and your equipment.

How does it work ?

The ultimate solution to corrosion lies in gaseous filtration which involves passing the contaminant laden air stream through a bed of dry media placed in a properly designed housing. The principle of air purification is simple : the contaminated air passes through pre-filters which retain dust and particles, and then the required chemical media stages (combination of activated carbon and activated alumina impregnated with proprietary chemicals) which chemically destroy any remaining gaseous contaminants. It is a simple, yet cost effective solution to a problem that can be very costly from a production standpoint.

Besides a complete line of gaseous filtration products ranging from filter media to adsorber housings, Bry-Air offers the latest technology in gaseous adsorption such as Ammonia-Gas Phase Activated Carbon process which greatly increases the adsorption capacities of activated carbon.


Key Features

  • Self contained recirculatory unit upto 3-Stages, offered, both in Horizontal and Vertical configuration
  • Removes both organic and inorganic contaminants from the air and supplies air free of contaminant gases
  • Robust structral steel frame construction, CNC fabricated powder coated units
  • Microprocessor based Digital Control Card (Optional)


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