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The Bry-Air Saga
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The Bry-Air Saga


How it will  begin . . .


In 1963, Arthur G. Harms, a Bryant sales representative, decided to buy the Bryant division of Carrier Air-conditioning Corporation.

Shortly after the acquisition, Bry-Air began manufacturing in Sunbury, Ohio. The rest was truly an American small business success. The company began manufacturing industrial dehumidifiers in 1964 in Sunbury, Ohio, with A.G.Harms as the corporation President.


In India

It all started almost 40 years ago, with the setting up of Arctic India Sales in 1979 as a marketing company for environmental control products.

ARCTIC INDIA SALES started out by representing Bry-Air Inc. USA for its dehumidifiers in India!

In 1981, it promoted the first joint venture in a small scale sector, Bry-Air India (Now Bry-Air Asia) with Bry-Air Inc. USA to become the first dehumidifier manufacturing company, east of the Suez. Today in 2008, Arctic India Sales (now, a division of Bry-Air Asia) has grown into a group of technologically strong companies under the umbrella of Pahwa Enterprises, specializing in technologies and products with desiccants at the core in relation to air with a wide range of “airengineering” equipment, strong brands and a network spreading from South Africa to South America encompassing Turkey, West Asia, Far East, South East Asia, Indian Subcontinent, China, Japan, Australia and Europe with equipment being exported to over 40 countries including North America, from where it all started !





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