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Dehumidifiers and Dryers
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Dehumidifiers and Dryers

Aerospace JET Engine Storages
Airports Civil Aircraft Corrosion Protection
Automobile Industry
Vehicle Manufacturer Component Manufactring
Construction Bridges Corrosion
Electronics / Electricals
Power Plants Semiconductor Assembly
PCB Assembly Lithium Batteries
Cable Wrapping Coil & Transformer Winding
Electrical Control Panels Filament Winding
Fuse Loading Lightning Arrestor Manufacturing
Thermal Circuit Breakers Transformer Manufacturing & Rebu
Electric Transformer Storage Manufacturing Lab. (Elec. Instruments)
Electrode Storage Tungsten Filament Mfg. & Storage
Turbine Storage  
Fertilizer Bagging Area  
Films Storage
Chilled Rollers for Film Casting Film Development
Film Drying Film Printing
Photo Drying Room Photo Finishing Room
Photographic Film Manufacturing Chromatography Material Storage
Film Storage Film Storage, Color
Microfilm, Storage Negative Film Storage
Biscuit / Cookie Storage Breakfast Cereal Packaging
Chocolate Manufacturing Chocolate Storage
Cracker & Wafer Packaging Dried Vegetable Storage
Dry Soup Packaging Fruit Drying/Dehydrating
Fruit Drying Honey (Uncured) Drying
Potato Chip Processing/Storage Potato Flake Production (Potato Chips)
Spices / Herbs Vegetable Dehydration
Yeast Making Sugar Storage
Cold Storages Powdery Food
Mushroom Drying Sausage Storage
Meat Poultry Tea Industry
Coffee Industry Spray Drying
Leather, Textiles & Rubber
Leather Storage Rubber Creel Room
Tire Creel Room & Wire Storage Drying Thick Sole Leather
Cottonseed Storage Cotton Carding
Drying Leather Muling Fabric & Textile Storage
Fur Storage Rubber Products - Cementing
Rubber Products - Dipped Goods Rubber Standard Lab Tests
Rubber Manufacturing Rope Fibre Storage
Storage for Shipping of Textiles Stuffed Fur Bearing Animals
Textile Roving Weaving Room
Wipping of Surgical Rubber Articles  
Archives and Museums  
Marine Drilling Rig Layup Ship Layup
Museums / Archives
Museums & Libraries  
Fusing Lenses Contact Lens Production
Laser Glass Manufacturing Lens Coating Processes
Manufacture of Diamond Tools Optical Lens Fusing
Optical Lens Storage Optical Polishing Rooms
Paper & Printing
Book Binding Library Book
Lithographing Printing Rollers Storage
Printing of Linoleum Printing, Gravure
Printing, Platemaking Painting & Book Storage
Paper & Fiber Molding Photolithography Operations
Parchment Storage Precision Color Printing
Roller Printer  
Gelatin Drying Soft Gelatine Capsule Drying
Ampoule Manufacturing Animal Rooms
Biological Manufacturing Biomedical Dry Rooms
Colloid Manufacturing Cough Drop Manufacturing
Cough Syrup Manufacturing Diagnostic Reagent Powders
Effervescent Manufacturing Gelatin (Powder) Processing
Glandular Products Hypodermic Tablets
Liver Extracts Manufacture of Glandular Extracts
Manufacture of Liver Extracts Micro Analysis
Miling Room Powder Manufacturing
Serums Tablet Coating
Tablet Compressing Vial Filling
Capsule Storage Cryogenic Cylinder Storage/Manufacturing
Powder Storage Storage of Anti Alpha Drugs
Storage of Powder & Tablets Manufactured Powder and Packing Area
Penicillin Packaging Vitamin Tableting & Packaging
Special Rooms
Cold Product Receiving Rooms Condom Manufacturing QC Area
Environmental Control Chambers Environmental Simulation Rooms
Lab: Storage of Material Mummy Preservation
Museums & Libraries Indoor Swimming Pool
Studio (Camera Room) Telephone Exchange
Refrigerated Display Cases Refrigerated Warehouse Floors
Laminates Kiln Dried Wood Storage
Plywood Cold Pressing Parquet Raw Material
Wood Painting Wooden Sculpture Protection
Super Markets
Super Markets  
Warehouse, Low Humidity
Refrigerated Warehouse Floors Cold Stores
Water Treatment Plants
Water Treatment Plants  
Assembly of Jet Engines Assembly of Electronics
Missile Assembly Aircraft Armament Storage
Airplanes Ammunitions/Weapons Storage
Civil Aircraft Corrosioin Protection Gun Powder/Solid Fuel Storage
Howitzers Storage/Layup Helicopter Storage
Leather (Uniform, Boots) Tank & Armour Layup / Preparedness
Tank Storage Map & Drawing Storage
Military Aircraft Avionics Protection Missile Body Welding
Missile Ships
Spare Parts Storage Parachute Drying
Propellant Mixing & Casting Radar Aerial Dishes
Engine Testing Rooms  
Energy Recovery
Catalytic Oxidation Printing Plant
Brick Factory Ovens and Tunnels
Furnaces Thermal Treatment
Textile Industry Applications Chemical Industry Applications
Pharmaceutical Industry Film Manufacturing
Miscellaneous Industries
Corrosion Prevention Organic and Inorganic Corrosion
Any Size, Anywhere Dehumidification
General Industry  


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